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A Rutgers University history professor railed against “little Caucasians” and wrote that he is “resigning” from his race after he had trouble picking up a burger in Harlem last month. James Livingston.

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Administrators at Rutgers University have determined that a history professor, James Livingston, violated the university’s policy against discrimination and harassment when he wrote on Facebook: "Okay.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — Rutgers University confirmed to Patch they are investigating. has expressed prejudiced or derogatory views on Facebook. James Livingston, who has been a professor in the history.

A Rutgers University history professor took to Facebook over the weekend to write what he’s calling an "earnest, angry, and ridiculous resignation from the white race." James Livingston, a white male,

A white professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey violated the school’s. says it prohibits discrimination and harassment and judged that history professor James Livingston, who is white,

“Why am I doing this? This is the question,” professor James Livingston, of Rutgers University, said when PIX11 News spoke with him on Wednesday. He was at his favorite restaurant, Harlem Shake, where.

It’s the latest twist in a saga that many probably wish would go away: A Rutgers University professor who wrote f— white people on Facebook has now become the literal poster child for a white.

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. social media rant said he has been cleared of wrongdoing in a reversal of the university’s original ruling. Rutgers previously determined that professor James Livingston’s speech was not protected.

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Rutgers University president Robert Barchi is ordering another. The anti-white rant posted on Facebook by tenured history professor James Livingston was offensive, Barchi wrote in a letter to the.

A history professor was found guilty of discrimination and harassment after writing on Facebook that he hated white people, leading an advocacy group to complain that Rutgers University had violated.

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Rutgers University is investigating whether a white professor who took to social media to condemn "little Caucasian a–holes" broke university policies for discrimination and harassment. The history.

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Rutgers University President Robert Barchi has ordered university. In a letter to top officials, Barchi said the ruling that professor James Livingston’s speech was not protected by the First.

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The British North America Philatelic Society wishes to honour its heritage by remembering those members who have passed away. Memorials are presented in the sequence of the passing of members with the most recent first.

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After voicing a racist rant on Facebook against white kids, a Rutgers University professor could be terminated for violating the school’s discrimination policy. James Livingston – a white professor at.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — Rutgers University. Rutgers history professor made on his personal Facebook page this summer, where he said he "hate(s) white people" and called white children "little Caucasian.

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A tenured history professor at Rutgers University has. According to a 10-page investigation, James Livingston’s social media comments inflicted reputational damage to the university, and were.

A white university professor has come under fire and faced death threats for saying: “I hereby resign from my race. F*** these people”. James Livingston, a professor at Rutgers University in New.

James Livingston was grabbing dinner at a burger joint near. "OK, I officially now hate white people," Livingston, a white Rutgers University professor, wrote on Facebook, later adding: "I hereby.