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• In operational semantics the meaning of a program is “what it evaluates to” • Any operational semantics gives rules of inference that tell you how to evaluate programs 5 60 Second Review: Semantics • A formal semantics is a system for assigning meanings to programs. • In operational semantics the meaning of a program is

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Operational semantics: This means giving a compiler or interpreter for the language. The semantics of the language are implicitly defined by the behavior of the compiled/interpreted code.

Assignment 2: Operational Semantics. Goal. To sketch an operational semantic definition for a simple imperative language as a virtual machine interpreter. The language. This is the same as the language introduced in class. Its abstract syntax is: P ::= S. S ::= I = E | S 1;S 2 | if B then S 1 else S 2 end | while B do S end. E ::= N | I | E 1 + E 2 | E 1 – E 2

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Operational semantics is sometimes also called large-step or natural-step semantics because of these sweeping rules (e.g., we just defined the entire while loop in one step with two rules). 4

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There’s a long history of using 2-categories and related structures for term rewriting and operational semantics, but Greg Meredith and I are particularly fond of an approach using multisorted Lawvere theories enriched over the category of reflexive directed graphs, which we call Gph.

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CSC 2125 Homework Operational Semantics 1. Consider following statement repeat S until b a. Extend the natural operational (“big-step”) semantics of the WHILE language (Table 2.1 from [1]) by a rule for relation → for the repeat-construct. (The semantics for the repeat-construct should not rely on the existence of a while-construct) b.

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In operational semantics, programming language constructs are translated into simpler programming language constructs, which become the basis of the meaning of the construct. In denotational semantics, programming language constructs are mapped to mathematical objects, either sets or, more often, functions. However,

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Chapter 9 DENOTATIONAL SEMANTICS W ith formal semantics we give programs meaning by mapping them into some abstract but precise domain of objects. Using denotational semantics, we provide meaning in terms of mathematical objects, such as integers, truth values, tuples of values, and functions. For this rea-

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Operational semantics for IMP These are “big-step” semantics Proving equivalence using (big-step) operational semantics Small-step operational semantics CSE 6341 27

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There’s a long history of using 2-categories and related structures for term rewriting and operational semantics, but Greg Meredith and I are particularly fond of an approach using multisorted Lawvere theories enriched over the category of reflexive directed graphs, which we call Gph.

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does this mean in the context of operational semantics? The answer will be used again in denotational semantics: what a command does is two really two things. First, it has a side a effect; it changes program state. In Operational terms, it changes the store function. So the basic. i.e. while B do C end is (if B is true) C;while B do C end.

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Operational semantics: This means giving a compiler or interpreter for the language. The semantics of the language are implicitly defined by the behavior of the compiled/interpreted code.

Transition semantics Idea: describe the result of executing a single step of the program. • Given a program δ and a memory state s compute the memory state s ′ and

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do <c> < while. be. do. c , σ> < if. be then (c; while. be. do. c) else skip , σ> To execute a. while. statement, treat it as an if statement: – evaluate its boolean expression – if the expression evaluates to. true, execute the loop body and then consider the loop again – if the expression evaluates to. false, reduce the entire loop to. skip

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AXIOMATIC SEMANTICS T he techniques for operational semantics, introduced in Chapters 5 through 8, and denotational semantics, discussed in Chapters 9 and 10, are based on the notion of the “state of a machine”. For example, in the denotational semantics of Wren, the semantic equation for the execution

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Operational and axiomatic semantics of pcf. Proceedings of the 1990 ACM conference., 1990. Brian Howard. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Operational and axiomatic semantics of pcf. Download. Operational and axiomatic semantics of pcf.

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Operational Semantics. Operational semantics is the other end of the spectrum, concerned with the rules by which the state of a computer changes. Whereas denotational semantics is inspired by Church and the lambda calculus, operational semantics is inspired by Turing and his machines.