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Naturally, review journals have some of the highest impact factors. Often, the first-ranked journal in the subject category listings will be a review journal. For example, under Biochemistry, the journal topping the list is Annual Review of Biochemistry with an impact factor of 35.5 in 1992.

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Breaking through the artificial walls of conventional disciplinary categories by the introduction of the new cross-field category aims to keep the Highly Cited Researcher list contemporary and.

Principles Of Hermeneutics Myles Munroe Critical Theory And Science Fiction Octavia E. Butler Canavan has research interests in ecological humanities, science fiction and critical theory. In December of 2013, Canavan received a grant to analyze the archives of Octavia E. Any sufficiently advanced technology — similar to the ones that British science fiction writer Arthur C. the social. After its theatrical release, the

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In the current study, bibliometric indicators were presented as ten most active countries, institutions, journals, authors, and ten most cited documents. The choice of number ten as a threshold to list the results was an arbitrary selection that has been used in previously published bibliometric studies [40, 52,53,54]. International collaboration

bibliometric maps, but it also is an easy-to-use viewer that allows bibliometric maps to be ex-amined in full detail. VOSviewer can show a map in various different ways, each emphasizing a different aspect of the map. It offers functionality such as zooming, scrolling, and searching, which facilitates the detailed examination of a map.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is increasingly important in the architecture and engineering fields, and especially in the field of sustainability through the study of energy. This study performs a bibliometric study analysis of BIM publications based on the Scopus database during the whole period from 2003 to 2018. The aim was to establish a comparison of bibliometric maps of the.

Computing and information and communications technology (ICT) has dramatically changed how we work and live, has had profound effects on nearly every sector of society, has transformed whole industries, and is a key component of U.S. global leadership.

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Critical Theory And Science Fiction Octavia E. Butler Canavan has research interests in ecological humanities, science fiction and critical theory. In December of 2013, Canavan received a grant to analyze the archives of Octavia E. Any sufficiently advanced technology — similar to the ones that British science fiction writer Arthur C. the social. After its theatrical release, the media highlighted the divide between

Clarivate Analytics that offers insights and analytics to enable researchers to accelerate discovery, published its annual Highly Cited Researchers (HCR) list. Now in its fifth. data and analysis.

Jan 18, 2017  · Bibliometric analysis is a useful methodology for investigating publication patterns based on citation data of academic literature. Bibliometric methods historically have been used to explore relationships among academic journal citations and to provide insight into.

List of indicators available through the bibliometric system. (For a full list of bibliometric indicators and explanations to how they are calculated, see Bibliometric handbook.) P : Number of publications identified with the current analyzed set of publications.

Publish or Perish software allows you to search Google Scholar for your work and determine bibliometric values without a Google Scholar Author Profile, however, you’ll have the greatest amount of control by creating a Google Scholar Author Profile and associating your documents with that profile.

bibliometric software Sitkis 2.0 (Schildt, 2002) and the social network analysis program, Ucinet (Borgatti, Everett, & Freeman, 2002) were used.

Nov 01, 2016  · The secret to bibliometric analysis: generating a list of PMIDs. The beauty of this trick is that you can copy-paste whatever you are working on at this very moment (provided you’re working with medline data, of course…) and get real-time feedback. No need to mess with clunky software interfaces or retype your strategy.

The aim of this bibliometric analysis was to provide an overview of the development of CLP-rela. A Bibliometric Analysis of Cleft Lip and Palate-Related Publication Trends From 2000 to 2017 – Qiang Zhang, Yuanyi Yue, Bei Shi, Zhengwei Yuan, 2019

Jun 05, 2019  · Objectives: To perform a bibliometric analysis on the body of literature discussing the use of automation tools to facilitate systematic reviews. Methods : A comprehensive search was performed to identify articles describing the automation of systematic reviews using artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning, text mining, algorithms, etc.).

The term bibliometric was first coined by Pritchard in 1969. Bibliometric is a field that evaluates a set of publications using quantitative methods (Senel and Demir, 2018; Xu, Yu and Wang, 2018). Bibliometric analysis is the application of mathematical and statistical methods to explain the status of scientific publications (Lundberg, 2006).

We conducted a bibliometric analysis of global clinical research attributed to anesthesia-based researchers and found publications in diverse disciplines reflecting the nature of the specialty itself.

Mar 27, 2018  · Biosimilars could be a promising option to help decrease healthcare costs and expand access to treatment. There is no previous evidence of a global bibliometric analysis on biosimilars. Therefore, we aimed to assess the quantity and quality of worldwide biosimilars research. We performed a bibliometric analysis using documents about biosimilars published until December 2016 in journals.

Frequently asked questions – Bibliometrics. General questions. How does my publication behavior affect my bibliometric analysis results? What is an organization or author based analysis? Where do I find impact factors?. How do I share my list of publications on the web?

The list is generated using data and analysis performed by bibliometric experts using a compilation of science performance metrics and trend data based on scholarly paper publication counts and other.

The 2014 list of the hottest researchers was identified by tabulating citations that were recorded during calendar year 2013 for papers published between 2011 and 2013. The second, longer-range study.

During this period, the large majority of indexed papers, 97.47%, contain complete information such as authors name, journal of publication, day of publication, list of affiliations and list of.

Until now, bibliometric analysis has been employed for estimating the research trends on dozens of fields such as intracranial aneurysms [19], retina regeneration [20], obesity [21], and spinal tuberculosis [22].

Complementing the bibliometric analysis, Study 2 analyzes survey data from more than 6000 corresponding authors to examine how contribution statements are written and used. This analysis highlights.

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BIBLIOMETRIC SCIENCE MAPPING AS A POPULAR. The following software products are used f. or processing of. bibliographic and bibliometric data: • CiteSpace, CiteSpace II. In the list above, special note should be made of CiteSpace – a continuously developed complete tool supporting all stages of the visualization process from data.

The purpose of this principle is to allow software agents of various kinds to directly resolve a data citation to the underlying landing page, where its metadata resides, and where content negotiation.

May 13, 2015  · PoP is a software program that can be used to retrieve and analyze academic citations (31). PoP can calculate an author’s h-index, g-index, and e-index, as well as many other bibliometric parameters. It is used by individual researchers to determine the impact of their research.

The report "Confronting the Global Water Crisis through Research – 2010", carried out by Elsevier and. SciVal tools leverage Scopus(R) data, Elsevier’s trusted source of bibliometric data, to offer.

Paper writing Wrote the paper, Writing original draft, Wrote the manuscript, Contributed to the writing of the manuscript, Writing – original draft, Drafted the manuscript, Wrote the first draft of.

“As scientometrics can study many aspects of the dynamics of science and technology, the researches introduced tools and applications for science mapping and visualization of bibliometric. analyzed.

Oct 22, 2018  · Baseline data on global research activity on health and human rights (HHR) needs to be assessed and analyzed to identify research gaps and to prioritize funding and research agendas. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the growth of publications and research pattern on HHR. A bibliometric methodology was used. Literature on HHR was retrieved using SciVerse Scopus for the.

This milestone analysis has been conducted by Aaron A. Sorensen, Life Sciences Solutions Leader, Collexis Holdings, Inc. While the paper uses traditional bibliometric techniques to rank investigators,

Given the extent of this scoping review, we do not claim that the literature captured is an exhaustive or complete list of the scientific and grey literature on this topic, rather a representative.

A full list of sequence raw data accession numbers as well as URLs for data download, visualization or search are provided in Supplementary Note 1 and Supplementary Table 1.