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and Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities, will represent JGU at the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the.

. university in India is a handmaid of two main forces: the University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The leadership needs to take an intellectual position in.

The University Grants Commission (UGC. Disciplines such as Journalism, Law, Indian Knowledge Systems, Liberal Arts, Linguistics and many more, will be eligible for funding under the third component.

And it’s not just affecting the students bearing the weight of student-loan debt – it’s also posing a problem for the colleges themselves. Mostly private liberal arts colleges are at risk of being.

Feb 20, 2019. The university is distinctive in India for its core emphasis on the liberal arts. Within the undergraduate curriculum, all students are required to.

The college, while unique in its approach to higher education, faces many of the same challenges faced by other small liberal-arts colleges in the United States. Same goes for sub-Saharan Africa,

India Studies cultivates excellence in teaching and learning through. cultures, heritage and diaspora through the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

He has written books on Aurobindo as well as classical Indian metaphysics and logic. Together with faculty from Asian Studies, he gives the University one of the.

What started as a lunchroom conversation between IIT Delhi pass-outs Vineet Gupta, MD, Jamboree Education, and Rakesh Jaggi, Vice-President, Sustaining at Schlumberger, has found more than 12 backers.

The School of Liberal Studies at Azim Premji University aims at developing and. the Undergraduate learning experience and Teacher Education in India.

“There was an attempt to stifle liberal arts because these were the subjects. ideology and activities were being promoted.

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This will soon emerge as the common entrance examination for students taking up graduation in non-STEM courses such as Design, Art, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Architecture, and Media. In all, 50.

NEW DELHI: Donning ceremonial convocation robes, 889 students of O.P. Jindal Global University. and Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. In her special address, Zarin Daruwala, CEO of.

Jan 17, 2016. India has always had a tradition of liberal arts education. the Indian system to attend elite American liberal arts universities, Yale and Harvard.

The guiding vision at SSLA is to foster an environment that encourages all its members to participate in the learning process.

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Apr 5, 2017. The strongest traditional universities in India, like those in Great. see more Indian students coming to liberal arts colleges and universities like.

What Can You Do Liberal Arts Degree Whether you just graduated from college, or are looking to make a change, that liberal arts degree will go further than you may think. Here are some career. With a degree in liberal arts, you can be certain you will have a well-rounded education. You may not have training specific to one field, but you'll earn broad. Media/cultural

The Liberal Arts Foundation courses introduce students to knowledge and modes of. Two courses from two different departments or programs: American Indian.

Jun 8, 2019. A freer system of liberal arts has, of course, been an old Indian tradition, before the British imposed a structured and fixed curriculum model.

The term “the liberal arts” is an anachronism. The lower faculty was intended to include all the disciplines, which in the modern university fall under the arts and the sciences. Kant called the.

Senior RSS leader Krishna Gopal at a recent symposium in Delhi said that if India’s Jews, Parsis. and identifies and.

May 7, 2015. He goes on to make the case for liberal arts education and asserts “that high schools and universities in Japan have failed to provide their.

But he’s also one of the leading advocates for adding a big dose of humanities and social sciences to the curriculum of Hong Kong’s universities. China, India, and Japan. Europe comes a close.

A bachelor's degree in liberal arts means that the courses you take will be in general areas of study such as philosophy, mathematics, literature, art history,

Jan 28, 2014. Ever wondered what it would be like to study one of the oldest subjects in the world? 'Liberal arts' is one such subject – it goes back to the.

. Colleges and Universities recently released a report that said liberal arts graduates – in the long-term – got higher salaries than their professionally monolithic collegemates. I strongly doubt.

Jun 24, 2019. India makes a welcome turn to the liberal arts. reviews; Digital editions; Digital access to THE's university and college rankings analysis.

“Overall, liberal arts colleges must do a better job of making their case and looking for natural opportunities to collaborate with STEM schools,” says Nancy Gray, president of Hollins University, a.

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Liberal arts colleges, which are based on this approach. where the experience ranges from reading classics of literature and philosophy from India, China, Africa and Europe to studying scientific.

Scheduled to open in August 2014 on a 25-acre campus, the proposed university will offer. Will such a purely liberal arts institution work in a `practical results- oriented’ society such as the.

Mar 7, 2018. Out of their frustration has come the most ambitious initiative in Indian higher education in a century: Ashoka University, a dedicated liberal arts.

It seems there's a trend of Liberal Arts programmes surfacing in India in the last. Over time the number of students from progressive schools increased, and.

Ashoka University is India's premier liberal arts university located outside the capital, New Delhi. With a fully residential campus, Ashoka is well-equipped with.

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Liberal Studies (Young Indi. world, Ashoka University is one of the first colleges in India to offer a liberal arts education.

Dec 10, 2016. Till October, in its five years of existence, Ashoka University, India's most well- known liberal arts university, had a near dream run with the press.

It also has been reported that a third of Fortune 500 CEOs have liberal arts degrees." In India, there are very few liberal education universities. The truly liberal education focused universities.