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But, even though they can lead to serious health problems, there is a gap in our knowledge when it comes to these. and.

And that’s where the emerging science of computational linguistics is turning out to be useful. the pervasiveness of gender bias and stereotype in the books on different features like occupation,

The new advances in various experimental techniques that provide complementary information about the spatial conformations of.

The pay gap between male and female economists at UK universities has not fallen for 20 years, a new study has revealed. The number of women economists has changed dramatically over the last two.

Collaborating with Vladimir Uversky from University of South Florida, the research that has been published in the journal RSC Advances has identified molecular recognition features. this gap in.

81 Ma) 8 —a gap in the fossil record spanning 70 million years, and one that directly precedes the ‘sudden’ appearance and rapid radiation of large-bodied eutyrannosaurians as apex predators within.

Using computational linguistics, the technology behind voice-activated assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, Taboada’s Gender Gap Tracker downloads and analyzes thousands of news.

Before training begins, you first have to choose which data to gather and decide which features of the data are important. or worse at identifying a handwritten number 6. To close the gap between.

In this work, we report on the description of continuous elastic fields derived from an atomistic representation of crystalline structures that also include features typical of the microscopic scale.

SFU professor Maite Taboada, Department of Linguistics, and her research team played a significant role in the Gender Gap Tracker’s development. “By using big data and computational linguistics.

Android Q features a cool new logo which combines both the letter Q and the number 10 (Android 10.0) but on core features that will help Google close to the gap to iOS. Improvements in its already.

We provide the first comparative analysis to connexin 26 (Cx26), which—together with computational studies—elucidates key energetic features governing gap junction permselectivity. Cx46/50 adopts an.

Smartphone manufacturers are banking hard on computational photography to bridge the gap between conventional cameras and smartphones. As the old adage goes, “The best camera is the one that you have.

One of Wikipedia’s more embarrassing features is that its workforce is dominated. difference in the way these articles refer to men and women as revealed by computational linguistics. Wagner and co.

"If you’re trying to leverage your skills to land a job in this field, you need to know how languages work, be able to make rules to identify features of a language. be this wonderful opportunity.

We share Siri’s sentiment. That’s why, using computational linguistics — the technology behind voice-activated assistants — we’ve created the Gender Gap Tracker to help us analyze how Canadian media.

A firm famous for being one of the first hedge funds to trade using computers and computational algorithms. would be interested in using a platform like this, including what features they would.

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Why is the gap between companies’ AI ambition and their actual adoption. They need to offer their non-technical executives training in computational and algorithmic thinking. That means helping.

Smartphones are already predicted to launch with three or more lenses next year, but computational photography could result in more features inside dedicated. and digital assistant sectors with Gap.

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