Cage Lecture On Nothing

About two years ago, I heard a very puzzling lecture that was part of many held academic conventions. and sub specie of this planet has been reduced to mere objects and nothing more. One should.

"Remove the records from Texas," John Cage wrote in "Lecture on Nothing," "and someone will learn to sing." But I do object to the way the digital model has been applied. Isn’t Apple, for instance,

There is no score, no parts, nothing specified except the concept. ‘You won’t hear anything: you’ll hear everything,’ Cage said. He was a benign anarchist who said he preferred anarchy to government.

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which began as her 2017 Gifford Lectures. If Weber famously imagined moderns imprisoned within, as his first English translator had it, an “iron cage,” Tanner sees our present confinement as, if.

He gave a lecture through the Wilson School on Wednesday. It’s only by erasing people’s humanity that we’re able to cage them under such grotesque circumstances, that we’re able to treat their.

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Oct 29, 2015. John Cage, American avant-garde composer, spent his entire. —John Cage, “ Afternote to Lecture on Nothing”, Silence: Lectures and Writings.

Nothing changed, nothing ”happened” in the entire piece, and it lasted for a full hour. It was of course a musical lecture on Zen-like awareness and Cage’s theories of silence, and there are.

A rare performance of Song Books, John Cage’s kaleidoscopic 1970 score for multiple voices and clashing genres, is preceded by the composer’s Lecture on Nothing. Among the downtown all-stars.

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Hendricks had already gotten to know the New York art world as an undergraduate through trips to the Eighth Street Artist Club talks, where he attended Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing” performance in 1950.

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Wilson, by the way, stays in L.A. to perform at UCLA’s Royce Hall in his movingly personal one-man show based on John Cage’s "Lecture on Nothing." Last year, the Industry, L.A.’s seriously alternative.

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Parallels can be found scattered across the post-war new music scene: John Cage’s text pieces like “Lecture on Nothing” certainly laid a groundwork, offering a template for good-natured, cerebral.

In one of his lectures, Cage favorably contrasted Satie with Beethoven. During each section Tudor did nothing more than hold down a pedal. Though Cage’s composition contained no musical notes, his.

Nothing, however, equals going to the source if you want to sense how Cage could shake things up. The composer gave a series of lectures at the summer new music courses in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1958.

Apr 22, 2005. There's a 45-minute lecture by John Cage deep in the Other Minds stacks at the Internet Archive ( In fact, there are many Cage.

Cage himself spits out a welcome lecture on Crispus Attucks. He’s so strong, so unbeatable in a fight, that he’s got nothing to prove and other things he’d prefer to be doing. But he does have.

The Kronos Quartet will perform Glass’ "Orion: China" (March 14). Wilson will present his theatrical adaptation of composer John Cage’s "Lecture on Nothing" (Oct. 15). He will appear with Glass and.

But a look at the participating venues says a lot about Cage’s legacy — and about Washington. The National Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection, the Corcoran, and the Hirshhorn are hosting shows,

“We really do need a structure,” Cage wrote in his “Lecture on Nothing,” “so we can see we are nowhere.”.