Bibliometrics Meaning In Hindi

noun (used with a singular verb) Biology, Statistics. biostatistics. biometry(def 1). the process by which a person’s unique physical and other traits are detected and recorded by an electronic device or system as a means of confirming identity: Scanning of the human iris is a reliable form of biometrics.

The Sun (2007) He said the biometric information collected by the school was destroyed once pupils had left. Times, Sunday Times (2015) The cards will contain biometric information. Times, Sunday Times (2011) The walk-in machines are designed for passengers carrying the new biometric passports.

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Typically, bibliometrics consider organization, classification, and quantitative evaluation of publication patterns as well as provide an analysis of macro-communication. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences: A bibliometric assessment 2001-2010

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Definition of biometrics. 1 : biometry. 2 : the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity.

Related Terms. Biometrics generally refers to the study of measurable biological characteristics. In computer security, biometrics refers to authentication techniques that rely on measurable physical characteristics that can be automatically checked. There are several types of biometric identification schemes: face: the analysis of facial characteristics.

My thesis does however turn up for the wholly inappropriate ‘bibliometrics’: Archive 2009-02-01. One conclusion I draw is that common bibliometrics—such as the impact factor for journals and citation counts for authors—are easily manipulated not only in theory, but also in practice, and that their use in ranking and judging should be curtailed.

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BIBLIOMETRICS, INFORMETRICS AND SCIENTOMETRICS: Developments of the Concepts and its Application 4.0 Introduction The term bibliometrics was first coined by Alan Prichard in 1969 in preference the existing terminology ‘statistical bibliography’ as he felt there is fair likelihood to misinterpret it as bibliometrics of statistics. He defined

An analysis of 801 papers published in the area of bibliometrics and scientometrics during 1995-2014 indicates a steep increase in the number of papers published by Indian researchers as compared to the number of papers published during 1970-1994. This indicates a growing interest of Indian scholars in scientometrics and bibliometrics.

Bibliometrics have become increasingly important as quality assurance indicators, but there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how to measure artistic production. Domain analysis is able to unite different sub-disciplines such as bibliometrics , knowledge organization, information retrieval.

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Bibliometrics is a set of methods to quantitatively analyze scientific and technological literature. Citation analysis and content analysis are commonly used bibliometric methods. While bibliometric methods are most often used in the field of library and information science, bibliometrics have wide applications in.

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This paper underlines a methodology for translating text from English into the Dravidian language, Malayalam using statistical models. By using a monolingual Malayalam corpus and a bilingual English/Malayalam corpus in the training phase, the machine automatically generates Malayalam translations of English sentences.

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