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​​​​The earth we share has a delicate balance. The world's scientists agree that the once rare, but now common severe weather events are man made. The manufacture and burning of fossil fuels, gigantic agri-business requiring vast quantities of water and utilizing tons of chemical fertilizers, as well as the clear cutting of the planet's forests, all diminish the natural balance on earth. The resulting load of carbon dioxide, CO2, in our atmosphere increases earth's trapped heat and has now reached levels never before known on this planet. These are legitimate uses of our resources, but they must not be abused. There are solutions, but we must first recognize and accept the problems and then have the courage and will to solve them.

I believe in the wisdom of our nation's founders. Democracy demands an educated and informed public. Preparing our youth for the technical and socially complex world is one of the most important functions of government in civilized society. This means providing quality public education to all, beginning with pre-kindergarten and ending with affordable college or technical training.

The role of government is to assure the availability of excellent public education. The cost of supporting public education in the United States must be the responsibility of government. Educators and informed citizens should determine educational content in the education process, not politicians or political appointees.

Every citizen needs access to healthcare. Healthcare is important for the individual and our society. As with public education, prevention of illness in the healthy individual is an investment in society that avoids unnecessary strain on the public purse. In addition, medical costs should not be an incapacitating burden for a family causing loss of home, bankruptcy and even homelessness.

We can no longer tolerate representation by those who do not respect science and are beholden to large corporate interests or lobbyists. Seeking this responsibility as a trained psychologist, I have a commitment to listening to constituents and then acting on the issues that are important to the people of the district.

Please participate, encourage others to do so. Donate, vote and thank you.

I will serve your interests, not special interests.

In asking for your vote, I am sharing my position on some of today's leading concerns. As a Democrat I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I support free public education, job creation, access to quality healthcare, women's rights, tax and immigration reform, the Dream Act and equality for all our citizens.

​​This election is critical as it puts each of us in the position of determining the future of our democracy. While acting on numerous concerns we must address two major issues that confront us because they are paramount to the survival of democracy and life on Earth.

1. Citizens United
The recent Supreme Court decision recognizing corporations as people with the right to unlimited monetary support of their chosen candidates through Super Pacs negates the very concept of democracy. This ruling threatens the existence of constitutional government by the people as it encourages grossly unequal access to the public through unlimited funding and promotion of chosen candidates. It’s that simple. Will we control our government or will our government be controlled by a multinational corporate oligarchy, legislators hand picked, promoted and elected?

We must re-establish a system that provides equal access to the public forum so all candidate views and ideas may be heard. Our Constitution intended to give the responsibility of government to the people and their fairly elected representatives, not to a pseudo-nobility of the wealthy. We must act to stop Citizens United and their SuperPacs to rid our election campaigns of the corrupting influence of money.
2. Climate Change